MINDFUEL  is a delicious blend of Pure NZ Honey and powerful adaptogenic mushroom extracts, energising maca, invigorating cacao and soothing turmeric. Sure to put a pep in your step as you moe through your day. 



Take a generous spoonful and blend into hot water or your choice of milk. Add to smoothies, raw treats and baking OR enjoy by the spoonful!
Take the lid of and heat gently to soften if you prefer it runny.


  • Ingredients

    INGREDIENTS: NZ Honey, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Powder+, Mindfuel Mix (Cacao 42%, Lions Mane* 10.5%, Reishi* 10.5%, Cordyceps* 10.5%, Chaga* 10.5%, Maca 10.5%, Turmeric 5.5%)
    +76% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil spray dried with 24% plant based maltodextrin
    *10:1 Extract Powder


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